Sun Hing Printing | Hong Kong Printing Company

HKEX Code : 1975

Our Business

As a leading printing company in Hong Kong, Sun Hing Printing provides cost-effective printing solutions to
meet the needs of global businesses. Our innovative solutions leveraged our clients’
businesses, assisting them to succeed in their industries. We cater to client’s unique requirements with our strategic wide range of printing solutions.
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Social Responsibilities

Sun Hing is committed to provide customers with the highest quality products and services. While pursuing
superior printing services, we comply with national and international laws and regulations related to the
business. We do not indulge in or encourage, illegal business practices that violate human rights, state, and
national laws.

Investor Relations

Sun Hing Printing Holdings Limited
Listing Venue : HKEX Main Board

Sun Hing printing services is committed to forging lasting relations with its. We understand how and why the need to maintain healthy and sustainable relations with investors. We are a global integrated communications provider which create investor relations plan, press releases and circulars for better understanding of our business update.